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Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

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I think Sherlock isn’t joking here. He has literally no idea how he could possibly love being Sherlock Holmes. Being himself. But first things first.

Warning: going into Sherlock’s (terrible) sense of self-worth isn’t going to be a pleasant experience. Especially if we talk about series 3.

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so my family plays this game where if someone is holding something and you yell “drop the bass” they have to drop what they’re holding so my mom was holding a carton of eggs so i yelled it and she looked me dead in the eye, dropped then eggs on the floor and whispered “you’ve gone too far

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I want someone to write a book where Mermaids are the women thrown off ships when the sailors got afraid because having a woman on the boat is bad luck. And as they sink to the bottom legs tied together they change slowly until they can breath, until they can use their tied up legs to swim. And they drown sailors in revenge, luring them in by singing in their husky voices still stinging from the salt water they breathed. 

someone please write this

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My sub in math was the biggest babe

your sub in math looked like he can get it

Why in the hell is he subbing

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bury me in armor so I’ll be ready for the skeleton war



why is his fricking chest uncovered? that’s ppor planning right there

what are you gonna do?

stab a skeleton in the heart?

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You have two options when you’re looking for an apartment in the French Quarter

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fun date idea: Go down on me while I shop online with ur credit card

I don’t think someone could focus on the internet while I was going down on them.

you over estimate your skill and underestimate the joy of shopping

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

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